MAXXIS BIKE Transalp 2022: Stage 5


From the midsummer warmth of Kaltern and the lovely apple orchards and vineyards, it was back up to cooler temperatures and the rugged mountains of the Dolomites. Apparently, Peter wanted to intensify this atmosphere with the dense cloud cover. But the fifth day offered not only visual attractions, but also many pedal rotations. Relaxed rolling was hardly possible today. Leaving aside the short intermediate descent into Val di Fiemme, the fifth stage consisted of a single, long climb of almost 70 kilometres. Around 2,500 metres of altitude were climbed here. Nevertheless, due to the length of the climb, there were never any really steep sections today. So it was possible to enjoy a little more of the surrounding scenery, such as the last unobstructed view over the wide Etsch valley and South Tyrol’s south; or the lush forests of Paneveggio with its special spruces, whose wood is used for violin making; or in Val Venegia the view of the large amphitheatre in which the northern flank of the Pale di San Martino towers above a valley basin. As the path wound around Cima Vezzena and led to Passo Rolle, the eyes must have suffered from sensory overload. From there it was not far to San Martino di Castrozza. After a trail of the finest kind, the destination was finally reached.

Michael Wohlgemuth and Philip Handl from Team Texpa Simplon/MC Racing by Casa continued their race to catch up today. Their tactics of the previous days – staying calm and giving everything – have now borne fruit on the fifth stage. More than two minutes ahead of the KMC team of Teus Ruijter and Tim Smeenge, they took over 2nd place in the overall classification of the men’s team category. Team 7C-ECONOMY-WILIER remains undefeated, even if today they are only 2 seconds ahead of the two highly motivated riders of Team Texpa Simplon/MC Racing by Casa.

In the women’s team classification, too, an exciting catch-up took place in the last few days. And so on day 5 of the MAXXIS BIKE Transalp 2022 there was also a change in the women’s overall ranking. After four days in the leader’s jersey, Irina Krenn and Martina Deubler from Team Bikeworld Bad Goisern/Salzkammergut had to hand over the coveted garment to Lorenza Menapace Evelyn Sulzer from Team Val di Sole Bike Land after the fifth stage.

The fastest of the day

Teams men:

  1. Carlos Arroyo Herrera und Luis Sanchez Mejia (7C-ECONOMY-WILIER) time: 3:51.26,4h
  2. Michael Wohlgemuth und Philip Handl (Texpa Simplon/ MC Racing by Casa) time: 3:51.28,7h
  3. Teus Ruijter und Tim Smeenge (KMC) time: 3:53.58,0h

Teams women:

  1. Lorenza Menapace und Evelyn Sulzer (Team Val di Sole Bike Land) time: 4:48.30,8h
  2. Irina Krenn und Martina Deubler (Bikeworld Bad Goisern / Salzkammergut) time: 5:01.13,9h
  3. Theresa Gassner und Lea Kremsreiter (SRT Protective Factoryteam Women)

    time: 5:18.46,1h

Teams mixed:

  1. Spela Skrajnar und Iztok Dogsa (GANESHA TEAM) time: 4:37.51,9h
  2. Böttger und Andrea Böttger ( MTN CREW) time: 4:42.09,0h
  3. Helge Nesse und Beate Nesse (Team Nesse) time: 4:44.43,1h

Teams masters:

  1. Jonathan Ramirez Carballo und Dax Arce Jaikel (7C-WILIER) time: 4:03.04,3h
  2. Michael Anthes und Karl Platt (BULLS) time: 4:08.19,3h
  3. Francesco Grandelis und Michele Purlan Festini (Semplicemente Inseguendo un Sogno)
    time: 4:35.34,1h

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