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(Taken from the January 2022 edition of the magazine / written by Staff Writer Beth Turner)

Cycling is an endlessly rewarding activity. From the adrenaline of getting to break-neck speeds, to the feeling of wind in your hair on a descent, to the glee of manoeuvring through early morning traffic, the humble bicycle provides countless experiences allowing you to keep
fit and have fun.

However, cycling isn’t without its hazards, and for many that primary hazard comes in the form of limited visibility. Unlike drivers of cars and motorbikes, bikes don’t have built-in mirrors to allow for users to see behind them, making for a great safety concern, especially when cycling on the roads.

Luckily, companies have caught onto this, and are designing rear-view mirrors made specifically for bikes of all sizes and models. Bike mirrors are made all over the world, by a vast variety of companies with a variety of business models and design philosophies behind them.

Safety is Number One!

Sprintech, who are based in Europe, have designed their mirrors with safety as their number one priority, creating a high quality product for cyclists, by cyclists. Their products are also able to meet this level of quality thanks to the strict quality control guidelines set in place in Europe. Products must be made with a certain degree of quality, to ensure customer safety, and to be viable on the roads and other




This level of quality is something that often inspires copycats – companies and producers who will take design aspects of the original product and make their own versions, often sacrificing quality for a reduced cost. While there are certainly benefits, and even an understanding as to why someone may choose a cheaper version of a product, there are often consequences to purchasing these lower quality products -consequences that for some may result in serious injury.

Always Buy the Original

Firstly, many of these cheaper copycat products are made outside of Europe, typically in countries like China, Taiwan, and Brazil. These countries have far less quality control guidelines when it comes to producing products, when compared to Europe, meaning their products can be made cheaply.

It is why so many products produced by fast fashion brands, for example, come from countries in Asia and South America. Low labour costs and relaxed quality control means products can be made on a quick turn-around, and be sold at very low costs.

It is a model that makes companies rich, but as a result creates terrible work conditions, inadequately paid labourers, and excessive waste, contributing to the planet’s already existing climate issues.

Furthermore, in copying the designs of others, these companies are taking away business from the original creators, which can be especially damaging for smaller companies that do not have the same reach as other large corporations.



Counterfeiting in the Biking World

In a report from November 2021, carried out by the FUB (Ugo Bordoni Foundation) and DCP (Digital Content Protection), over a two month period on a sample of eleven cycling companies, they found that the estimated economic value of illicit products carried by electronic marketplaces in that monitoring period amounted to €2.2 billion.

Counterfeiting in the biking world is a serious issue, with the findings and statements in the report leaving nothing to the imagination on how far reaching of a problem it is. The report also quotes that: “It is not to be forgotten that the turnover of counterfeiting in Italy is just under 12 billion and a half euros, with damage to companies of 935 million and the treasury of over 10 billion”, a statement sure to bring into perspective just how devastating to the industry these practices can be.

It is essential, therefore, that products you use are ethically produced and sourced. Companies like Sprintech ensure their products are of high quality, and are able to do this by employing experts in the field of cycling technology, who are reated fairly and paid a liveable

Cheap products also break far more easily than high quality ones. This is an especially alarming issue in the field of health and safety accessories, as if these products break, it can result in serious injury or even death for those using them.

Cheap bike mirrors can have a range of issues. It may be that the mirror itself is not adequately supported by the mechanisms it is attached to, meaning it may droop or fall while in use. They are also more likely to scratch, scuff, and fall off of the bike handle in general,

These issues would be especially hazardous in places like busy roads, where cars are not likely to stop to let you pick up or readjust your bike mirror. It invites additional hazards in an already hazardous environment, and can lead to serious accidents. Avoiding these hazards is Sprintech’s primary objective, being a company founded on first-hand knowledge on just how devastating cycling accidents can be.

About Sprintech

Nearly 30 years ago, Carlo Dondo found himself in a serious biking accident. The event was a wake up call for him, and a calling to become a positive force for change, and with this knowledge of the importance of cycling safety set up the company Sprintech.

Several decades, and many awards later, the company still continues to innovate, and design some of the market’s most sought-after bike mirrors. Their newest products, the Sprintech Racing XL and Sprintech City XL mirrors have been made for racing bikes and mountain bikes, city bikes, and e-bikes respectively, with their increased mirror size giving way for even more visibility.

They are lightweight and easily adjustable, while also being sturdy and made from long lasting materials. These new mirrors have also been made with safety glass, built to resist the corrosion that can be brought on by mountainside winds, harsh coastline saltwaters, and other
challenging conditions.

The quality of their products is visible in every aspect, from the expert team behind their design to the innovative technologies incorporated to make their products even more long lasting. Sprintech products provide optimal safety by being made under Europe’s strict quality guidelines, and as such, are some of the most reliable rear-view bike mirrors available on the market.

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