The Benefits of Building Your Own Home Bicycle Repair Workshop


The Benefits of Building Your Own Home Bicycle Repair Workshop

Nothing beats a good, relaxing ride on your reliable bike. Darting through country lanes and challenging tracks is always an exciting experience, however, a mishap could occur at any moment. From flat tyres to chain issues, you may stumble on several different misfortunes as you pedal along the route.

When a problem arises, the next stop will inevitably become your local bicycle repair station. But what if you built your own home repair workshop? If you have a soft spot for bikes, chances are that you will know a thing or two about them. By creating a space in which you can fix your own bicycle, you will also get the opportunity to spend more time nurturing your hobby.

Therefore, we discuss the benefits of having your own bike repair shop with you at home, while listing the cost of essential tools you’ll need to purchase for urgent maintenance work.

Setting up your workshop

The idea of building your own repair station may sound a bit unrealistic at first. The truth is, though, that it isn’t an insurmountable challenge.

Indeed, one of the best ways to launch your private workshop is to convert a space or room you don’t generally use. If you have a garage that stays dormant all year round, it could be brought back to life by filling it with bike tools and equipment. Equally, an unused basement would work just as well. What is good about turning a garage or a basement into a bicycle workshop is that you needn’t worry about getting carpets or objects dirty. If you are fixing your bike on a coffee table in the living room, it’s bound to make unwanted mess.

Moreover, you do not need heaps of space. As long as you can fit a simple bench and some basic equipment in the room, you are on the right track to kickstart your own repair station.

The Benefits of Building Your Own Home Bicycle Repair Workshop

List of essential tools

Once you have found the perfect location for your workshop, you can start going through a list of basic equipment to help you keep your mountain bikes in shape.

While it may require a little investment to start with, you will soon discover that having bike tools at your disposal will be a huge advantage in the long run. That said, there is no need to break the bank to bag yourself every piece of equipment on the market. Here are a few fundamental items, including their average price tags, that your home workshop truly needs:

  • Bike stand – It goes without saying that bicycle stands are a must-have. As the name suggests, they hold the bike steadily off the ground and allow you to work your magic on your two-wheeled companion. Stands come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are an array of cheap and slightly costlier options you can choose from. From around £50 for a budget one to £300 circa for a better quality option, there are bike stands for every pocket. We would recommend spending a little bit more since it is a vital piece of equipment for repairs. But rest assured that the less expensive versions will easily do the job too.
  • Greaser and degreaser – It is important to treat your bike to a good clean on a regular basis. When it starts making unusual noises and there are issues with the interface between materials, a greaser will help you nip common problems in the bud. For about £6, a tube of grease is a basic yet crucial addition to your workshop equipment.
  • Chain cleaner – If you want to get the most out of your bike, you will need to check and clean its chain at least once a week. From just over £30, you can get hold of a chain cleaner that will greatly extend its life expectancy. This can turn out to be a pretty messy task – therefore, we recommend cleaning the chain near a drain to wash everything up once you’re finished.
  • Track pump – Flat tyres are a frequent issue. Hence, having a track pump can get you back on the streets in a flash. They are not particularly expensive either. Cheap pumps start from as little as £5, whereas options with digital gauges can reach just under £40. Costlier versions are perfect for getting your tyre pressure just right.     
Matt Appleman of Appleman Cycles repairs a carbon frame.
Matt Appleman of Appleman Cycles repairs a carbon frame.
The benefits of a home workshop

With your bike repair station in place and a range of useful tools to get essential maintenance work underway, you are ready to make the most of your newly created space. Are there any tangible benefits?

  • Convenience – As you build your workshop and stock it with necessary equipment, you may not view ‘convenience’ as one of its main advantages. However, once the preparation work is completed, you will soon realise how handy it is. If you are a mountain bike lover and go for a ride on a regular basis, you will know that regular check-ups are important. Having your own repair station will save you time. Rather than driving to somebody else’s garage in search of assistance, you can fix your bike from the comfort of your own home.
  • Cheaper in the long term – You may have to invest in some essential tools at first, but owning your own workshop will help your finances in the long run. In fact, paying for bicycle repairs can add up to a hefty sum – especially if you are an avid cycler and problems arise quite often. Once you’ve gathered the required tools, fixing your own bike will be free of charge.
  • Develop your passion – Spending time in your workshop will help you enhance your interest in bicycles. From perfecting its look to sorting sudden mishaps, you will soon become a true bike expert! It will also allow you to indulge in your pastime even on cold, rainy days.

Do you have a soft spot for bicycles? Make the most of it by building and creating your own home repair station. With an array of money-saving and fun advantages, this is the ideal DIY project for all cycling aficionados.

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