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ŠKODA Ireland have announced details of their 2020 Celtic Series which is targeting participants of all ages and abilities to look towards cycling as a source of exercise and inspiration in 2020.

This ŠKODA Celtic Cycle Series consists of three events here in Ireland as well as a brand new addition, a ŠKODA Celtic Series Training camp in Mallorca.

Training camp

New for 2020 is the ŠKODA Celtic Series Training Camp. This kicks off in Mallorca on April 6 and it is designed to set you up for the 2020 cycling season.

You have a choice of a seven or five day cycling camp where there is daily guided rides with a choice of two distances and speed groups so you can ride with similar ability riders as you take on the best routes on the island.

Packed into the island is some stunning coastline rides, a mountain range with a lot of great climbing, quiet country lanes and some stunning traditional villages where the pace of life has hardly changed for years.

Support and nourishment

All route options are furnished with a range of food and water stops to ensure that you don’t run out of steam along the way. As well as providing ample nourishment during the cycle, there is also a pre-event pasta party held on the eve of the event at the local ŠKODA dealership where participants can register for the event and receive their exclusive goodie bag containing various cycling accessories and merchandise.

During these dealership events, ŠKODA will also provide mechanical supports in the form of a bike mechanic to fine tune bicycles and make any last minute repairs.

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