Tern Quick Haul – The Next Step in the Evolution of the Urban E-Bike


New e-bike packs do-it-all utility into a compact package

Tern Quick Haul - The Next Step in the Evolution of the Urban E-Bike

Urban mobility specialist, Tern, today unveiled the new Quick Haul e-bike. The Quick Haul is a compact e-bike optimized to make life in the city a little easier, a little more convenient, and a lot more fun.

“The Quick Haul is how an e-bike optimized for city life should be designed,” said Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “It should have a low step-through frame for convenience; it should have plenty of room to carry stuff or even an extra passenger; it should be built tough, so you can count on it for reliable long-term usage. And it should be compact so it can easily navigate stairwells, elevators, crowded bike parking areas, and busy streets.”

The Quick Haul Is Ready to Replace Your Car

The Quick Haul is a compact e-bike that’ll handle most of your daily trips around town. It’s rated to a hefty 150 kg (330 lb) max gross vehicle weight and has an ecosystem of modular accessories so it can be customized for any job. Different setups help riders carry a load of cargo or even an extra passenger, ranging from a small adult to a child, or a furry friend.

Tern Quick Haul - The Next Step in the Evolution of the Urban E-Bike

The Quick Haul is also shareable by everyone in the family. The Quick Haul is equipped with a seatpost and stem that telescope up and down (in seconds and without tools) to fit riders 150 – 195 cm (4’11” – 6’5”).

Compact Convenience

Despite its longer wheelbase and hefty cargo capacity, the Quick Haul is shorter than a regular bike. A compact design plus 20-inch wheels make the Quick Haul easier to manoeuvre on busy urban streets or in transit hubs like bus, train, or ferry terminals. The Quick Haul also boasts Tern’s Vertical Parking feature, so you can roll the bike into a small elevator and park it in a corner of your apartment.

Safety—A Must-Have When Carrying Kids

“We put our bikes through some of the toughest tests in the industry; and often, we design even more severe tests when we think existing standards aren’t tough enough,” continued Hon. The Quick Haul’s MGVW of 150 kg (330 lb) is backed up by third party testing from EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH, one of Europe’s leading bicycle testing labs.

Tern Quick Haul - The Next Step in the Evolution of the Urban E-Bike

Battery safety is also critical and for motor and drivetrain Tern chooses the very best in the business: Bosch—a German industrial powerhouse with more than a century of quality and excellence. The Bosch e-bike system is one of the few that have passed the extremely rigorous UL (Underwriters Laboratories) e-bike safety standard.

Ready for Heavy-Duty Hauling & Commercial Fleets with Tern Business

As a built-to-last compact e-bike, the Quick Haul is not only a great option for consumers looking to replace more car trips with bike trips-it is also a solid choice for commercial applications. The bike’s sturdy build, carry capacity, and modularity make it a reliable workhorse for all types of businesses. 

When paired with a heavy-duty trailer such as Carla Cargo, the Quick Haul is able to carry up to 150 kg more. Tern has designed a coupling that attaches the Carla Cargo trailer to the rear rack of the Quick Haul, which ensures a stable ride even when heavily loaded.

Businesses can build a bike setup that fits their needs, and equip the Quick Haul with panniers, baskets, crates, delivery bags, and more. Companies looking for fleet solutions will also find more customization options under Tern Business—a Tern-backed initiative that helps organizations gain a competitive advantage by integrating bicycles into their business operations.

Tern Quick Haul - The Next Step in the Evolution of the Urban E-Bike

Tern’s First Bike to be Locally Produced in Europe

In addition to its Asian production bases, Tern will partner with its German distribution partner, Hermann Hartje, for assembly of the Quick Haul at Hartje’s factory in Hoya, Germany. Tern will now be closer to one of its key markets—a big step forward in terms of sustainability, and benefiting consumers and dealers alike.

Pricing & Availability

The Quick Haul series will be launched on the European markets with initially six models at attractive prices starting at £2800. Information about the country-specific model programme can be found on the respective country websites in time for the presentation date.

  • Quick Haul D7i: Bosch Active Line, Shimano Nexus 7-spd gear hub
  • Quick Haul D8: Bosch Active Line Plus, 1×8-spd derailleur
  • Quick Haul D9: Bosch Active Line Plus, 1×9-spd derailleur
  • Quick Haul P9: Bosch Performance Line, 1×9-spd derailleur
  • Quick Haul P5i: Bosch Performance Line, Shimano Nexus 5-spd gear hub (optional w/ coaster brake)

Colours and specs may vary according to region. Bikes will start arriving in stores in Q2/2022.

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