The most extreme attractions around the world


Specialist Sports Insurance provider SportsCover Direct has revealed the top countries around the world to enjoy extreme sporting experiences and adventure holidays. From scuba diving, snorkelling, biking, to going on safari, discover where your next adventure will take you using this guide.

Since the pandemic held travel enthusiasts back from exploring the world, there’s been a significant surge in demand for extreme sports. With the adventure tourism market estimated to generate $1,169 billion by 2028, the industry should expect an increasing demand within the travel sector.

With more travel opportunities opening up around the globe, there are many adventures waiting to be explored. If you’d call yourself a thrill-seeker, adrenaline junkie or an enthusiast for water sports, why not take some inspiration for your next extreme attraction getaway? Find out which countries cater best for extreme sports enthusiasts and those seeking an adrenaline rush.

The top 10 best countries for adventure holidays

In first place, The United States has been ranked as the best country to visit for adrenaline seekers, whether it be snorkelling at the Crystal River in Florida or taking on the many mountain biking trails. If that isn’t of interest, the US has many exciting opportunities ranging from ziplining to waterskiing across 12,613 activities.

Coming in a close second is the United Kingdom, with 4,408 activities to add to your bucket list; if you’re keen to try surfing or are a pro at heart, the Gower in Swansea is the place to be. Followed in third-place is Spain with 3,618 adventures to be enjoyed. Whether it’s surfing on the Grand Canaria or Parasailing in Menorca, the list is endless.

Best countries for extreme activities

For cycling fans, in particular, the US takes the wheel with over 1,452 biking trails, as well as being the top-rated destination for extreme activities overall. If you are a parasailing enthusiast or a first-time flyer, Indonesia is the best location to make those memories, with 285 adrenaline rush experiences and 223 climbing activities. The most extreme attractions around the world

For ziplining fans, Mexico is the best country to go to as it offers 264 adventures compared to Europe, Indonesia, and the US, with 106 ziplining activities combined.

Although the pandemic has limited our travel in some aspects, many may wish to avoid overcrowded locations, especially on holiday or participating in activities. Using TripAdvisor to determine the number of adrenaline-seeking activities under the ‘avoid crowds filter’, we highlighted the best countries that are least crowded.

So if you do not appreciate a big crowd, Morocco is the best location overall. Choose from 1,406 activities knowing you won’t be overwhelmed by the hustle of tourists trying to push in first. Followed in second place is Egypt with 1,235 crowd-less options to choose from.

Sean Walsh, Marketing Manager from SportsCover Direct comments, “There is a world full of exciting adventures waiting to be experienced, whether it be your first time trying watersports or you’re an enthusiast of extreme sports, it’s exciting to know that there are a huge number of opportunities available across the globe”

“Adventure-sports companies have also revealed a huge surge in demand following the pandemic with 42 thousand google searches worldwide for ‘extreme sports’ per month.”

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