Bosch eBike Systems Receives Award at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show


Bosch Smart System Secures Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation Award

Bosch, who are the technology behemoth behind the driving systems in many e-bikes currently in production, including those from Trek, Raleigh and Peugeot, have been rewarded for their innovation at the Consumer Electronics Show.

More specifically, they were awarded the prize in the “Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation” category following the launch of their hugely successful “smart system”, which creates a more integrated consumer experience between the rider and the e-bike itself.



The e-bike revolution is certainly in full swing, and the pace of change within the market has given way to some huge advances in the capacity, design and durability of these new modes of transport.

However, Bosch’s new “smart system” is at the forefront of the current fleet of e-bike technology. The new high-capacity battery offers 20% more range than anything else in their roster, while it also boasts an LED control unit, seamless Kiox display, and connectivity to the Flow app.

The Flow app is at the centre of the “smart system’s” success – it allows all components such as the battery and the drive unit to always be up to date with over-the-air updates, and the eBike continues to develop with new functions and services.

The smart system will continuously offer its users further features, thus regularly updating the rider experience.  The app offers useful functions such as automatic activity tracking thus eliminating the archaic process of turning it on automatically, as well as the individual adjustment of support levels and the coupling with third-party providers such as Apple Health. This culminates in an all-round more personal and connected consumer experience.


The jury including experts from the industry, software development and the media, judged the winner of the category based upon criteria such consumer appeal, aesthetics, quality, design, and function.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems said:“The smart system combines technically high-quality components with the digital world and provides an individual eBike experience with digital features.

“As a smart, fully connected means of transport – and part of the Internet of Things (IOT) – the eBike will in the future adapt to our riding style, suggest new routes, and guide us safely from A to B.

“It learns about our preferences and interests and thus offers even more comfort and riding fun. The CES Innovation Award encourages us to move forward as a pioneer in eBike development with further innovations and to decisively shape the future of mobility.”



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