December 2022 issue


It really does start to “look a lot like Christmas” as they say! As December approaches with a change in weather, November has vanished quicker than the last mince pie from the Christmas buffet! And I am really excited to keep providing our community with the best cycling, bikepacking, recreational, and entertainment options available around the Rock. 

This month’s cover features Markus Stitz. On page 34, you may read about his most recent trip to Scotland’s Argyll and Isles. Additionally, there is a QR code that launches a YouTube video on his adventures.

Ian Jenner’s Ask The Coach column may be found on page 6. Ian He has completed numerous TTs, road races, club events, MTB events, and some of Italy’s most challenging sportives and gran fondos. He is happy to answer any questions you may have about cycling. 

Giuseppe Barenghi describes Bartali’s 304-kilometer, seven-day ride through Tuscany. Find out everything on page 10.

Page 22 – This issue’s return of Pantxika Goyhetche and Fred Lolliot brings another thrilling tale about their travels in Costa Rica. The French couple is embarking on their next major trip. 

The page for Women’s Rally 2023 is 42 – Following the success of the komoot Women’s Rally competitions in 2021 and 2022, komoot introduces a trio of rally competitions in 2023. Lael Wilcox, an endurance athlete, and komoot collaborated on the series.

On page 48 Ribble celebrates 125 years and we We meet Jamie Burrows, Head of Product and mastermind behind the award-winning range.

BIKE Magazine is committed to providing readers and the cycling community worldwide with a wide range of artworks, articles, images, reviews, and tales. We have developed the photography competition with a broader concept and more categories to emphasise our aims. Tinu Müller’s incredible photographs from the previous competition helped him win the Special Award. On page 54, you can read an exclusive conversation with Tinu Müller.

With 400 kilometres left in the Pan Celtic Race, racer Laurence Kilpatrick struggles to balance his sanity and sleep on page 60.

Happy cycling and I hope you enjoy this issue of BIKE!

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