Flanders Gravel set to captivate streets of Belgium


The inaugural Flanders Gravel is set to take place this weekend, from Friday 15th – Sunday 17th 2021. 

The event, which has been assembled by Flanders Classics in collaboration with Ltd. Gravel Rides, will see cyclists take on the scenery of the Ronde van Vlaanderen, departing from and travelling the streets of Oudenaarde. The route is a mix of off-road, cobbles, bergs, gravel and paved roads, providing a great variety of terrain for riders to test their skills and push their speeds. 

Flanders Gravel takes on Iconic Grounds

To some, Ronde van Vlaanderen will sound familiar; the Tour de Flanders, as it is known in English, is one of Europes most famous tours. A Classic race, to have this new event take place on almost the same track as the world-renowned tour, gives this trail a big name to live up to. It also, however, gives an excellent opportunity for cycling enthusiasts to travel the same trails as the iconic Tour de Flanders. 

ronde van vlaanderen starting line, 2021. © Digitalclickx
ronde van vlaanderen starting line, 2021. © Digitalclickx

The trail for the first Flanders Gravel will see participants take on one of three routes; an 80, 120, or 160km, depending on their own skill set and ability. The route is unique, however, in that it gives participants complete flexibility in which course they take, having the route designed so that riders can change the length of their route at any time. This is an excellent opportunity for newer riders to test their skills and see just how far they can go, as well as a great way to give riders a way out who may have overestimated themselves. 

Festival Fun set for Flanders Gravel

The weekend will also see a festival surrounding the ride, providing participants a much needed place to relax, have fun, and enjoy the weekend. Food trucks serving a wide range of snacks and meals will be present at the event, as well as vendors selling the best Belgian beers- a necessity for an event being held in Flanders. Live music and entertainment are also set to take place at the site, making the festival an essential for anyone giving the Flanders Gravel a go. The festival will also be holding an exposition for the newest and biggest names in biking, as well as award shows and ceremonies after Saturdays ride, for the fastest and most memorable cyclists of the day. 

Weekend of fun guaranteed at Flanders Gravel

For those wishing to participate in this weekend’s event, the Flanders Gravel offers two options for participants, selling both weekend and Saturday only tickets.

For those purchasing a Saturday only ticket (€64,95), the Flanders Gravel promises to provide an exceptional experience for all involved. Including access to the trail as well as the post-ride festival, this ticket also guarantees access to mechanical support and assistance throughout the journey. So matter what happens, riders will be guaranteed to remain on the road.

Freebies, including a pre- ride coffee and a post- ride beer, are also included in this price, as well as exclusive branded items, including a patch, bib number, and many other goodies. Considering this will be the first ever Flanders Gravel event, these exclusive items are guaranteed to become collectable favourites, and to only become more valuable with time. 

For those investing in the full weekend ticket (€174,95), expect even more complimentary keepsakes, including t-shirts and goodie bags, as well as commemorative items exclusive to weekend ticket holders. Including everything outlined in the Saturday ticket, the Weekend tickets holders are also guaranteed first picks at the starting line for where they would like to be placed- a strategic advantage for some, and an opportunity to clearly see historic Flemish landmarks in the city for others. 

Friday and Sundays itineraries are also worth looking forward to, with all day access to the live music, entertainment, and food and drink offered on the festival grounds. There are also DIY GPX rides available, for those who just can’t wait for Saturday’s ride to take place, and on Sunday, a Hangover Group Ride, for those who enjoyed their free post-ride beer the day before just a little too much. 

Ronde van Vlaanderen 2020. © Lars
Ronde van Vlaanderen 2020. © Lars

Overall, the Flanders Gravel is shaping up to be an event to stay, with the wide range of activities and inclusive riding track available for all participants getting involved. If this inaugural itinerary is anything to go by- this event is certainly one to look out for.



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