HERO 2023 Sudtirol Dolomites


The toughest mountain bike marathon in the world is back: on 17 June 2023 the 13th edition of the BMW HERO Sudtirol Dolomites will take place against the stunning backdrop of the

Dolomites. Cyclists from all over the world will flock to the valley, competing to become the next HERO.

The event is the same as always: 86 km and 4,500 hm on the longer course, and 60 km and 3,200 for the shorter one. Two courses, one mountain bike marathon which has revolutionised the sector.

The race is part of the international UCI calendar. Registrations will open on Monday, 3 October at 8 a.m.: head to the official website, www.herodolomites.com and take the first step towards receiving a race number which can take you on a truly ambitious ride.

Similarly to the last edition, the HERO will be organised in line with suitability criteria promoted by the UN (the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) to achieve a carbon neutrality target.

The Hero Bike Festival, The Hero E-Gourmet Tour

The HERO Bike Festival will return between 15 and 18 June. Four days packed with events, music, and entertainment to celebrate the race and its whirlwind of emotions – nobody is left behind, not even the youngest HEROes! The Festival will also be organised following the rules and guidelines of the FROM HERO TO ZERO sustainability project, and everyone is invited to contribute.

It wouldn’t be the HERO without a great surprise and, this year, that surprise is the HERO and Gourmet Tour. This tour will take place the day after the race, on Sunday, 18 June 2023. Relax and explore the Dolomites and its culinary traditions on an e-bike. Because once a HERO, always a HERO! For further information visit www.herodolomites.com

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