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Have you ever asked your friend before: Do you know a good movie or series? Can you recommend something? I am bored.

Sometimes we tend to spend too much time choosing, which movie we should watch.

…Oh, I have seen this… It sounds boring…It’s too late to watch horror, I will have a nightmare…

I find this situation very familiar.

I have seen too many movies and series from the best to the worst. I can tell this is my kind of hobby. I always want something new and exciting stories and I am happy to share it with you. My favorite genres are the fantasy, philosophical, mind-blowing creations. I tend to watch everything, my least favourite is the romantic but with a nice plot I am in.

I will choose a movie or a series and will tell my opinion about it, give points in a story, visual, music and impression categories. The four categories’ points will give the main point.

This time I have chosen a movie based on a bicycle theme, the PREMIUM RUSH.

Story: 6

Visual: 7

Music: 6

Impression: 7

Point: 6,5


Year: 2012

Genre: action, drama, suspense,

PG: +13

Main cast:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Michael Shannon

Dania Ramirez

Jamie Chung

Director: David Koepp

Writers: David Koepp, John Kamps

Producer: Gavin Polone

Executive producer: Mari Jo Winkler-Ioffreda

Photographer: Mitchell Amundsen

Designer: Thérése DePrez

Editors: Jill Savitt, Derek Ambrosi

What we get:

– one guy who follows his dream

– fast bicycles

– races: bicycle vs bicycle, bicycle vs car, bicycle vs man, bicycle vs time

– corrupt police officer

– beautiful New York

– mafia


– cycling community

– nice places

– nice photographic scenes


– too much disturbing effects

– some logical problems

– no character improvement

Overall I like this movie. It’s not an epic creation but way better than a basic normal movie. Easy to watch and easy to follow the story. You will feel some kind of satisfaction because it’s very enjoyable to watch this movie. Maybe I will forget about the title name after a couple of months but I will definitely remember some scenes.

If you don’t know what to watch on a rainy day, I can recommend this film.

Everything is based on my preference and my opinion. I have used to create this article the

Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment company owned information about the movie and the picture.

Click here to watch

Review by

Karoly Nagy

He is very passionate about traveling and cultural impacts. His studies connect to HR and community organization. Karoly has been working on lot of projects in different fields.

Motto:  Find your own way and never give up!



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