Stache: A Bicycle Water Bottle That Does More


Stache Offers Bikers Convenience and Functionality

Due to launch on the 9th February, this new bicycle-specific product looks set to revolutionise equipment storage, making it it significantly easier to pack everything you need for a ride.

Stache is a multi-functional water bottle designed to reduce the weight of a bag on your back, or even eliminate the need for one entirely.




Initially, its sleek design fools you into thinking this is just another water bottle, but purpose-built and detachable compartments allow riders to customise the model to their needs.

This could simply be the water bottle itself, but the modular design, which is the first of its kind on the market, means precious items such as keys, money or a bike tool can be safely stowed in the hidden layers. The lower threaded inter-base allows you to choose different size dimensions for different bike tools as well, allowing you to choose puncture repair kits, component tools or even just more water volume.

The founder and creator, Philip Finden, has over 20 years experience within the biking industry from retail to product management for brands such as Garmin and Knog, and is now looking to share his own expertise by launching Stache.

We caught up with Philip, who said;

“Design has always been at the centre of my life, I studied graphic design and worked on the side for a couple of mags adjusting bike shop adverts for each issue whilst a manager of a local chain of store in the south of England. I spent my time here curating purchase choices for each customer and I got hooked onto the details of each product.

“This passion for product took me to the life of a buyer where I worked for busy e-commerce sites in Australia and eventually I was fortunate enough to land a role in the UK as the first Product manager for fitness products for Garmin where I was able to see behind the curtain on product development and industrial design, I was hooked!




“I was fortunate enough to sit with the industrial designers and engineers during my time at Knog and this is where I took the leap into developing Stache. I learned CAD (computer-aided design) myself and started to draft up the design of Stache with the help of a fellow Brit at Knog.

“Stache has sat in the background while covid has played its part of change, and with that I now reside in the UK once again working as a product manager and manager of buying and merchandising for Greensnow, we look after play sports network, Team Ineos and Team GB.”

He went on to comment on Stache currently, and what he hopes the product may lead to over the next few years.

“I’ve worked over the past few months on Stache, developing a functional prototype, shooting the photography and video content while crunching the numbers and finally building a relationship with a great factory for production.

“Stache will develop as a product and a brand, into more products for cycling and other outdoor activities. With a range of other items that will either fit onto or into Stache. We will also develop a metal bottle with the same features as our initial model.”


Click this link to see an in-depth video of the product.




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