Steadyrack: Smarter way to store your bike


If you own more than a bike or you live in a tiny London flat, then you will most definitely fall in love with this well built space-saving bicycle storage Steadyrack.

Steadyrack, which is an Australia-based company, is the answer you have been looking for. Originated in Perth, Western Australia, Steadyrack offers a bike storage system which makes exceptionally good use of design, functionality and space.

Steadyrack has launched its mountain bike version of wall mounted bike rack, the Steadyrack “MTB” model. This new size caters for bikes with wider and larger tyres and wheels, and sits neatly in between the classic rack and the fat rack.

Steadyrack takes unusual approach: The storage doesn’t touch anything but the tyres which provides far more than just simple vertical storage. 

Typical racks tend to place a bike to a wall at a perpendicular angle, occupying space in the room. You can rotate the bike against the wall with the Steadyrack and if you have multiple bikes to mount, just change the height of each alternative rack so that the bars don’t reach each other, they all fold against each other very neatly.

The Steadyrack system’s main highlight is the pivot bearings inside the rack that allow you to push the bike up against the wall at an angle of 180 degrees. It helps you to stack bikes alongside each other in a much more efficient way.

The solid steel cage holding the tyre has been designed to fit most bike set-ups for different frame configuration and shock placement, and when not in use, everything folds neatly against the rack, out of the way. The main plastic cover comes in black, but for example, with the new coloured end caps, you can add some personality or colour code to each rack on different bikes.

Installation was not demanding. Instructions are very concise and very simple. If you drill a couple of holes comfortably then you’ll be OK to put it up. And it is very fast with minimal frustration in terms of installation speed. In just under an hour, you should get the rack and bike up on the wall. Only follow the design manual to ensure that the Steadyrack is properly fitted.


In summary

The Steadyrack offers a great storage solution for mountain bikes and we had our bikes installed on the wall in minutes with a simple installation process. The big plus of these racks is the ability to swivel. Despite limited space in our bike room this was great for us. This means that every time we walk by we can fold the bikes against each other allowing valuable space without snagging ourselves on the bikes.

The quality of the materials and moving parts used in the Steadyrack are of very high quality, which gives us peace of mind that both the frame and the rack are firmly attached to the wall. Every time we rack up the motorcycles it feels solid and reliable as they slide in. The room now has a tidy, sleek feel and the bikes now look more like a feature than a tangle of angles.

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