Cowboy 2 and 3 are getting crash detection system


Cowboy 2 and 3 are getting crash detection system

By the end of this month, Cowboy will add a smart feature for crash detection to its e-bikes. The functionality was beta tested by a thousand users and soon both Cowboy 2 and Cowboy 3 owners would find it free of charge.

cowboy 2
cowboy 3

The bike uses its sensors to search for possible dropping conditions. Cowboy will warn up to two emergencies when he or she senses one and you do not confirm that all is OK in just one minute. You can use your built-in SIM card to let your contacts know something could be wrong if you don’t have your telephone with you, or the bike can’t connect with Cowboy. It will also provide them with a GPS monitoring in real time.

A variety of other safety features on the e-bike, including the new model of punch-resistant tyres, have been introduced to crash detection. The e-bike business is not the only one to do this. Yet Bosch charges accident detection in the first twelve months with its Nyon Show 2021. This feat can be of benefit to Cowboy, especially among more safety-conscious riders, as rivals like VanMoof.

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