Honbike U4 launch may make traditional bicycle riders consider switching to e-Bike


Honbike is kicking off its Eurobike debut with a brand new e-Bike

The Honbike U4 – that has been specifically designed to attract traditional bicycle riders and encourage them to make the switch over to an e-Bike.

The Honbike U4 has a simplistic yet contemporary angular-free unisex design, making it ideal for urban use and a perfect for every user. Honbike’s new U4 is an e-Bike that looks just like a traditional bicycle, but brings users all of the benefits of the features inherent in simple, easy-to-use e-Bikes.

Every detail counts on the Honbike U4 and the e-Bike specialists have applied through exel design on the front fork, which removes the risk of a wheel falling out, combined with one-piece TRU magnesium wheel design ensures solid shock-absorption performance, even on trails.

Thanks to a minimalist frame design, made from 7000 series aircraft-grade aluminium instead of traditional 6000 series aluminium build, the Honbike U4 is lightweight but sturdy, for road and gravel cycle paths. It has three operating modes (eco-city-sport) of electrical support that allows riders to tackle different terrain. Honbike’s SmartHon system automatically adjusts and delivers the power assistance users need based on the terrain and rider behaviour, so no matter what type of surface you turn onto, the U4 adapts to accommodate that and keep you safe.

Honbike U4 with built in battery
Honbike U4 with built in battery

Every part of this stunning new e-Bike, from frame and crank to front fork, has no sharp edges so it is safe and comfortable enough for everyday use. The easily controllable performance makes it perfect for riding around the park or for your daily commute.

The highly water-resistant design allows users to clean the bike with a hose directly and you can even store or ride the bike during light showers.

A 432 Wh frame-integrated battery delivers a maximum range of 62 miles on a single charge, so users can easily commute to and from work – with a stop off at the shops on the way home – without any worry about loss of power. The built-in LCD display also means riders can use the power system without the need for a phone thus eliminating complexity while they are out on this innovatively designed e-Bike.

The Honbike U4 is reliable and prioritises comfort and peace of mind thanks to the gates belt drive offering riders a smoother, quieter journey, with none of the metal on metal contact of a traditional bicycle. This means lower maintenance, as parts do not need to be replaced as regularly, but also improved durability – something that has been engineered from the inside out on this new model.

Quinton Pullinger, Managing Director, Honbike commented: “Our e-Bikes are designed to promote no chain, no fuss and our Honbike U4 is no exception. It is a model of true craftsmanship, thanks to technology and design that offer buyers affordable value, so it is the smart choice for anyone who has ever considered an e-Bike but not yet made the move. Ideal for those on a budget, compared to competitors, the Honbike U4 does not compromise on any of the features that e-Bike lovers demand and have come to expect.”

With its U4, Honbike is building on its reputation as an award-winning designer that has achieved significant success in Japan with its first model, the Honbike HF01. Taking advantage of automotive industry processes, Honbike reduces production costs to share that cost cutting with its customers and, with its wealth of technology features and beautiful simple design, the Honbike U4 is a must-have.

Available for pre-order/purchase from 13 July for the RRP of £1599 including tax, the Honbike U4 can be purchased directly from https://www.Honbike.com/ and will start shipping from the middle of August.

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