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Cyclists looking for a new challenge will have a new cross-border cycling route to look forward to, as plans are in train to launch a 1200 mile mountain bike trail that will traverse all eight countries in the south east Europe.

Trans Dinarica presently connects Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the plan is to eventually encompass Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia. Inspired by the Via Dinarica hiking trail, this will enable cyclists to travel across all eight countries along the Dinaric Alps and Shar Mountains. The trail stays off-the-beaten path, and cyclists travel over challenging gravel tracks and mountains.

The idea is that they will ride 30 to 20 miles per day along dirt roads and single tracks, gaining elevation of 5000 foot each day. Cycling at that pace daily, each country can be completed in seven to ten days, and cyclists can choose to cover part, or all, of the trail as there are many options available. Along the way, they will pass through Unesco sites, villages and national parks, and will be able to enjoy views of the blue Adriatic sea, isolated deep dark canyons and fast-flowing green rivers.

The idea for Trans Dinarica was conceived by a group of friends from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, each of whom has their own outdoor adventure company. At this stage, guided tours with luggage transfers can be arranged, and self-guided GPS-based routes are also available on Bike GPS.

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